Alu-Flex Flexible Duct

Alu-Flex Flexible Duct

– All high and low velocity air-conditioning

– All high and low velocity ventilation system


AluFlex are extremely versatile flexible duct which suitable for all high and low velocity air-conditioning and ventilation system. It is from state of the art Japanese technology which produced both pre-insulated and non-insulated forms in a wide range from 4” ~ 20”.

Skill Required

Installation OF AluFlex can be done easily, it is consistency of the inner diameter are precise and smooth. Is tough for rough handling and yet flexible for confine space at tight corners. Therefore, only minimum skills are required to installed.

Bare Duct W/o Insulation


Insulated Duct


Benefit and features: Durable

Alu-Flex unique features include that the aluminum foil which house the insulation glasswool are reinforced with fiberglass yarn and tensile strength spiral wire that gives the Alu-Flex an extra edged towards harsh environment. Inner part of the duct are smooth therefore minimize air velocity lost.


Fire Rating

Complied to the index of performance of material when it exposed to the condition of the test in British Standard 476 : Part 6 : 1989 “Method of test for fire propagation for products” & the tendency of the surface of a material or a combination of material to support the spread of flame across its surface and to classify the surface according to the test given in British Standard 476 : Part 7 : 1997 when tested at TUV SUD PSB Corporation Singapore ( Class 1&0)

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