UBZ copper coil and pipe is produced from one of the largest copper mill plants in the world. To-dates, it has an average output of 180,000 metric tons of copper of straight & annealed coil mainly exported to Europe and Asia regions.

Being ISO 9004 certified in manufacturing process management, raw material analysis, R&D and procurement, systematic production procedure. UBZ continue its philosophy in ensuring only the finest finishing end products meets the stringent QA test before final delivery to customer.

The Technology

Like most reputable manufacturers throughout the world, UBZ Copper pipe and coil adopted the same sophisticated continuous casting technology which have proven to be the most practical and reliable in present time.

Computerize monitoring system closely supervised the entire process such as hard drawn, cold extrude, dehydrating and capping.

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of UBZ Copper products are fully met to fulfill most common industrial standard i.e ASTM -B88, B280 & E243, JIH H3300, BSEN-1057….

Packaging, Added Cleanliness

Each UBZ pancake coil uses thick gauge polyethylene sheet, vacuumed and heat shrink packed method for further cleanliness and additional prevention of copper coil from oxidization.

UBZ straight hard drawn copper pipes are inspected for defects using on-line eddy current analysis which ensures that only flawless tube is pack and shipped from the mill.

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